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Testimonials OBS clients tell how they lost weight and gained muscle and confidence

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  • “You are one of the most awesome people I know! You are good at what you do, keep motivating and helping women achieve their dreams. ;).”

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Konnie Daglis lost 40 poundsListen to Konnie’s story on Fit4Life Radio

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At the beginning of July 2009, Konnie gave some inspirational tidbits to my newsletter subscribers, I am going to share it with you here:

I asked Carol if I could provide her audience with a little update from the client perspective on my fitness progress. I’ve been working out with Carol for 10 weeks now and I am astonished at where I am. Initially, it was hard for me to get up off the sofa, face the facts, find Carol, and get moving. Let me be the first to say when I talked to Carol in our consultation, I was very scared…scared I would fail. However, Carol encouraged me to try, she saw I was in pain about my physical condition and the affect it had on me mentally. I guess the give away was the tears in my eyes; she could read the sadness in me.

Here’s the skinny (yes, ironic) – I signed up for six months of working out with Carol. Three days a week for an hour each time I am all hers. I show up ready to work, I bring my “A” game, and I do what she says (I always try anyway). These are the things I am doing to be successful. I’m not saying working out with Carol is easy because it isn’t, I leave the gym drenched and exhausted – but I always feel GREAT, like I can conquer the world. Plus, the results are proof enough that her program is working.

With Carol’s workout plan, advice (eat healthy and do some cardio) and the tools she’s provided me (I use her daily journal religiously), I am making progress, actually wonderful progress. Here are my current stats: I’ve lost 18.5 lbs. and 10.75 inches off of my key measurements (AMAZING), plus I have a lot more strength and energy. I have more to go, for sure, but I’ll keep plugging away with Carol.

I will leave you with one thought; if you haven’t committed – to yourself – to be healthy, I encourage you to do so. You deserve it, I know I do.

Dana Dunn Before and AfterDana D., Temecula, CA: Carol working with you is literally a “Godsend!”  I have been on every “DIET” you can think of. No matter what I did, I always ended up putting the weight back on. You have an amazing gift at keeping people motivated and providing REAL tools to help your clients be successful, and not just to lose a few pounds. You provide real life solutions that will enable me to not only lose the weight, but to finally keep it off!  Your coaching has been critical to my ongoing weight loss success.  I’m on an incredible journey, and I’m taking you with me! Thank you for all you do.



Chara R., Atlanta, GA: It took me all of about 5 minutes of working out with Carol the first time to realize I was in serious need of some help. It took me a week to recover from a workout that should not have been a struggle for most people. Since then I crave our training sessions as I know I’ll learn something new that I would have never though of. She does such an awesome job of working things in that don’t require gym equipment. These are things I can do on my living room floor while watching a commercial or after I get up in the morning to jump start my heart. I can always feel her workouts days after and I know we worked the exact muscles that she pointed out we were working. I’m always laughing and joking through our workouts so I never really know how long we’ve been at it.

I would highly recommend Carol to anyone and everyone that wants a trainer who helps you from start to finish and isn’t satisfied unless you are.

Linda W, Kennesaw, GA: I want to tell you what a pleasure it is to work with Carol. I do early mornings and so does she, which is good. Carol has been a real encourager to me and keeps me on track. I am always grumbling and complaining in a joking way and she just rolls with the punches and makes me work harder. She always takes my age, aches and pains into consideration and adapts exercises to accomplish the same goal. I will continue to use some of the core and bodyweight exercises she has used with me during our sessions.


Mike P., Woodstock, GA: When I started training with Carol, I was an overweight weekend tennis player who needed to build some stamina on the court and fit into some old jeans. Since I started training with her, I have realized that working out can be fun and something to look forward to. Consistent training has benefits.

Carol is flexible and listens to her client’s needs. When my knees are killing me, she is quite ready to shift gears and put in an arm, shoulder, and back workout.

If you are looking for a personal trainer, I would suggest looking for someone who’s personality is motivating yet complimentary. Someone you can talk with. For me, talking about real estate, blogging, and business (while I am working out) keeps me from dwelling on the work out itself.

Teresa G., Atlanta, GA: I love working out with Carol! She always has creative sessions that work every single muscle in my body. Carol is motivating, encouraging, productive, AND she gets results. I have had many compliments about my new shape.

RJ , Atlanta, GA: Be patient and trust Carol completely and be sure to listen carefully. RJ rated her experience with Carol at 10+.

Angela G., Atlanta, GA: What is most important to most of us wanting to lose weight or improve our health is results. Carol can help anyone get results and achieve their goals. As a coach, she is the right mix of pushing you to your limit and encouragement when you are struggling with changing your exercise and eating habits. I am my own worst enemy sometimes and she has help me recognize the triggers that have caused me to fail in the past. After working with Carol for a little over 2 months, consistently  I now can hear her in my head encouraging me to push myself harder or to drink my water before I reach for something to eat to see if I am really hunger, thirsty or bored.

I am not finished yet, down 20 pounds but I know I will get there. I already feel so much stronger and better about myself. And I feel this way for two reasons, First, because Carol is giving me the tools and support and Secondly, because I am putting in the effort to achieve my goals.


Pat E., Marietta, GA: When I first started with Carol as my Personal Trainer she prepared a diet plan for me based on my weight, measurements, and activity level.  The calories I was supposed to eat seemed enormous to me!  I really had to work to find a way to not only eat that many calories, but to balance my intake between protein and carbohydrates, and not exceed the fat limit.

I tried several different methods, and had a lot of good suggestions from Carol.  Eventually I was able to stay within the plan and eat as much as she recommended.  I also worked very hard to drink the required amount of water each day.  I was amazed how well it worked!  Along with almost daily exercise I was able to lose 20+ pounds within six months.  I am over 60 so it is a little more difficult to lose weight than it was when I was in my 20s or 40s.

Listen to Carol because she really knows what she is talking about.  Stick with the program and you will meet your goals and be healthier than ever.



Ira P., Marietta, GA: When I had trained with a different personal trainer prior to training with Carol. The first person was very “routine” in his approach and did not really assess my needs and provide a personalized approach. My goal was to lose weight and tone up my body.

Carol approaches her personal training with a unique spirit; she shows true concern for her client and personalizes the training plan to make the most out of the time spent in training. I was able to lose pounds and inches, as well as build up my endurance. She also took the time to be very personable and sincerely interested in my success and well-being.

As stated, Carol is not your typical trainer. She takes pride in her knowledge and approach to training. She is very personable and encouraging, yet expectant that you follow through on your own, in between training sessions.

Testimonial from OBS clientPersonal training gives you the tools to develop a solid workout approach, including various cardio techniques in combination with weight training, strength building, and overall wellness.

Gina C., Marietta, GA: Before I started with Carol I would describe my physical condition as decent. I felt that I was O.K. in the cardio, but low in strength and carrying about 15 extra pounds.

What I have you gotten out of training with Carol is an overall peace. Physically, I see my body changing from fat to muscle. My muffin top is less. I’ve learned its ok to eat, just do it in moderation. I have also learned how to balance my calories. If I have to have a slice of pizza, then eat it, but maybe add a spinach salad. Then, I just cut somewhere else in the next meal. My physical strength has greatly improved, as I needed it desperately. Mentally, I am at peace. I get less worked up over life’s little mishaps. OBS client testimonial

As a result of training with Carol, I have concluded that I like training. Ha, I’m addicted to it. I feel good when I’m training but I am not guilt ridden when I have to miss a session because of work or family obligations.

I’d highly recommend personal training to other people who are interested in it. I believe when you have your own trainer the trainer is at an advantage to help you. They learn all of your little nuances. And can continually help with your weaknesses. It can become a building process and a life change. Not a quick fix.

OBS client tesimonial

OBS Client Testimonial

OBS client testimonial

Stacey R. goes on to say…
Joining a bootcamp class with Carol Dunlop was one of the best decisions that I have made in my 33 years of life. I have never be overly over-weight, but I had also never been in great shape. I would have to say that I was a pretty average mother of two young boys.

In February 2008, I decided that I wanted to make a change. I had joined a “women’s only” gym several months before, but had only been one or two times. I just couldn’t find the time (or didn’t want to find the time). I decided to go to the gym one day (not sure how that happened) and I noticed that there was an advertisement for a special “bootcamp” class starting. This was when my life changed.

I signed up for the class which was going to be a one hour class 3 nights a week. The class was going to be small with only 4-6 students. During the first week I cried after each class. I was panicked. I had never played sports or even exercised. I was scared to death that I wouldn’t be able to participate.

After a few weeks, things began to change. I felt better and my clothes were beginning to look better on me. Carol was the most wonderful trainer. She helped me to change my life. As the weeks passed, I got stronger physically and gained a confidence that I had never had before. Carol was incredibly supportive. She was there when I needed that extra push. She knows better than you what you are capable of. Although I do not train with Carol anymore, exercise is a major factor in my life. She showed me what a better person I could be and that nothing is impossible. I would recommend Carol to anyone at any physical level. After seeing what she did for me, I KNOW THAT SHE IS A MIRACLE WORKER.

OBS client testimonialStacey C., Marietta, GA: She works with and treats each client to suit their individual needs. She helps you set your goals and tailors her workouts to that person based on those goals. She also is very conscientious about injuries and works around them while helping strengthen those areas once recovered. She also has a very upbeat and positive attitude about everything. She is always a refreshing person to be around!

Dana S , Marietta, GA: This has been a great learning experience. Carol’s training is organized and systematic which makes it easy to establish new habits and routines. Learning about counting calories was extremely valuable. I thought that I are pretty well, but I learned some key areas that I need to watch.

OBS client testimonialMorgan E., Kennesaw, GA: When I started training with Carol, I was healthy, but not as strong and toned as I wanted to be. Since training with Carol, I am in better health and have gained confidence.
As a result of training with Carol, I’ve lost 14 pounds and gained 2% muscle mass. I’m also stronger and more toned. If you want to improve your overall quality of life and need some motivation to ensure you meet your goals, personal training is a great outlet.