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September Pushup Challenge
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September Pushup Challenge

For September, we’re going to give your lower parts a rest and concentrate on your upper body. Working upper body, especially arms, chest, back and shoulders are among my favorite things to do. Seriously, what is better than a woman with awesome-looking arms and shoulders? Then you throw in a nice sculpted, V-shaped back and you’ve got perfection!

We all recognize when another woman has her stuff in check—you stop, look and usually compliment, because you know that she has put some serious work into her upper body to look like that.

If that’s one of the things you’re aiming for, an awesome upper body that draws looks of awe, then you’re going to love this month’s challenge.

Pushups are an excellent exercise to work your entire upper body, including your core.


You really can’t go wrong with this exercise when it comes to sculpting out a sexy upper frame.

However, quite a few women are unable to do pushups, I’m not just talking about the girly version, I mean the real deal, with straight legs and a solid, straight back.

I know its not for lack of trying, but who wants to “TRY?” We don’t try, we do! So if you’ve wanted to do the real deal pushups but can’t seem to get yourself off the ground (literally) or hold your own weight up for longer than a few seconds, don’t worry. By the end of September, you’ll be able to do real pushups and amaze your friends and family.

You’re going to start off with some basic, easy-peasy moves and then, each day—as you get stronger and more confident, you’re going to see and feel your body and mind grasp hold of the idea that you CAN and you WILL do this.

I know exactly where you’re coming from, I wasn’t born doing real pushups, I had to learn, just like you are going to.

I’ve put together a starting kit to help you, because you have to start somewhere.

Push up progression

Start with the wall pushups and progress to the next stage. I’ll break it down in the daily challenge, so just follow my lead. And don’t worry about what you can and can’t do right now.

Wall Pushups

Pushups off a Chair

Pushups off the Couch

The Real Deal – *Straight Leg Pushups

*This is actually a combination of Straight Leg and Bent Leg Pushups

I’ll post the daily challenges on my Facebook page three times a day, morning, lunchtime and evening so you can be sure to catch one of the workouts. Let me know how you are doing by leaving a comment here or on the Facebook post.

I definitely want to see the end result—you doing actual straight leg pushups!

How to work it:

Rules for the Pushup Challenge

Choose a level below. If you can do straight leg pushups –Go You! You are at the top of your game, but if not, don’t worry, this challenge will help you get there.

The workout is broken down into levels, so you can see how far you’ve come and how far you have to go. You can move between levels for each workout. However, if you start an individual workout at a particular level, you MUST complete the workout at that level. The only exception to the rule is that if you start at one level and you feel it is too easy, you can MOVE UP to the next level.

HOWEVER, if you move up, you CANNOT go back down to a lower level until the next workout. So choose carefully.


You start Monday morning at Level 1. You now have 2 choices:

  • Stay at Level 1 throughout THIS entire workout
  • Move up to another level (pick any one of them)
Remember you cannot move down.

This is all for your own good and to make you stronger.

I suggest that at the end of each week, you move up to the next level. Otherwise you will be in the same position at the end of the month as you were at the beginning.

The keys is to get stronger each and every day. You won’t get stronger by staying where you are, you MUST MOVE UP and forget ahead!

Let me know how you’re doing either on my Facebook page or by commenting below.


Level 1: Replace Pushups with Wall pushups
Perform 20 wall pushups for each 1 pushup

  • 3 pushups = 60 Wall pushups
  • 4 pushups = 80 Wall pushups
  • 5 pushups = 100 Wall pushups
Level 2: Replace Pushups with Chair pushups
Perform 15 wall pushups for each 1 pushup
  • 3 pushups = 45 Chair pushups
  • 4 pushups = 60 Chair pushups
  • 5 pushups = 75 Chair pushups
Level 3: Replace Pushups with Couch pushups
Perform 10 wall pushups for each 1 pushup
  • 3 pushups = 30 Couch pushups
  • 4 pushups = 40 Couch pushups
  • 5 pushups = 50 Couch pushups
Level 1: Replace Pushups with Bent-Leg pushups
Perform 5 wall pushups for each 1 pushup
  • 3 pushups = 15 Bent-Leg pushups
  • 4 pushups = 20 Bent-Leg pushups
  • 5 pushups = 25 Bent-Leg pushups


  1. Indigo Ocean September 11, 2014 at 1:56 am

    What a great idea! I never even thought of something like “wall pushups.” I can’t do a pushup, but in my daily yoga I do a pose called plank pose that is sort of like getting into pushup position then just hovering there for a few seconds. But I can see you’re sort of approaching it from the opposite direction, starting with the isolated aspect of pushing off, without necessarily having it be from plank position, rather than the aspect of being in plank position without necessarily pushing off. Either way, baby steps is always what works most reliably for any new habit or skill you want to build.

    • Fitness Guru September 12, 2014 at 1:15 am

      Thanks for the observation regarding the mechanics. You put it so eloquently. Doing the plank still requires the strength to hold yourself, so now you just take it a step further and build more upper body strength by doing the pushup, one baby push at a time.

  2. Julia Barnes September 12, 2014 at 7:12 pm

    I am soooo bookmarking this! I love the progression idea. That’s how I was able to touch my toes. I’m excited just typing this. Thanks for the post and i’ll definitely be sharing it in my NEM group too

    • Fitness Guru September 12, 2014 at 8:02 pm

      Thanks for the show of support. I’m all about making it simple to build strength. Girls rock and should do pushups, let me know how you do. Excited to see your pushups.

  3. Summer September 12, 2014 at 7:19 pm

    I have to admit when I first started reading I thought: this challenge is not for me. I was pleasantly surprised to see the progression you offered and I feel like I can actually do the wall push ups to get started. The videos are also very helpful. I’m signing up for your email list!

    • Fitness Guru September 12, 2014 at 7:59 pm

      Wow, that is so encouraging and exactly what I am aiming for in doing this cahllenge. Thanks so much for even attempting, that’s the very first step. The next step is moving forward and building strength.

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