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How to Change Your Body and Your Life
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How to Change Your Body and Your Life

‪#‎TUESDAY‬‪#‎TONIGHT‬ Topic: Mechi Renee reveals how she made the decision to change her body and her life – Tune into “Fit4Life” with host Carol Dunlop at 8:00pm EST on Yeah Mon Radio the BEST in Internet Radio!. My special guest will be Mechi Renee who realized she had to take back her own power and got down to business! As of the taping of this show she had lost 26 pounds, 12% bodyfat and 22 inches. She talks about how she did it and what’s next in her life and she continues to inspire women to do more through her coaching practice.‪#‎takingbackyourpower‬ ‪#‎powerfulwomen‬ ‪#‎PowerfulWomenOnTheMove‬‪#‎powerful‬ ‪#‎makingthedecisiontoloseweight‬ ‪#‎losingweightintherealworld‬‪#‎realworldweightloss‬

You CAN DO THIS, with a little help….Listen live atwww.yeahmonradio.com or download the App for your mobile device. If you have a subject that you want covered on the show that concerns health and fitness, let Carol know in the comments below.‪#‎Fit4Life‬#WeightLoss ‪#‎LivingHealthy‬ #‪#‎YMR‬ ‪#‎TalkShow‬‪#‎Fit‬#InternetRadio

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