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5 Ways to Get Fit without Joining a Gym
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5 Ways to Get Fit without Joining a Gym

Congratulations, you made it through the Biggest eating day of the year! Surviving Thanksgiving is huge, BUT it won’t be the last challenge that you’ll face heading into the New Year. Get ready for more challenges that test your will power and determination to keep your fitness in check.

In addition, you will also be bombarded with ads and special promos for joining the gym—any gym. So get ready!

But you don’t HAVE to spend money on a gym membership; you can get fit on your own terms—inside or outside your home, whatever you prefer. Either way you choose, it’s up to you. Here are five options for you to sort through.

1) Start a Walking Club

I’m pretty sure you aren’t the only one in your circle of friends, family or co-workers who could benefit from a group fitness effort. One of the reasons Weight Watchers is so successful is that they know the secret to losing weight and keeping it off—group accountability. Why not use the momentum created by a group of like-minded fitness enthusiasts to help you get fit and stay that way? By starting a walking club that meets regularly 2-3 times per week, you’ll be accomplishing two things at the same time: social fitness support and physical fitness.

2) Get Fit for a Purpose

This is the time for giving. Studies have shown that it truly is much better to give than to receive. By signing up for a charity run or fitness challenge, not only are you giving of your time for “good,” you’re letting go of unneeded body fat and building much needed muscle. This happens as a by-product as you “prep” for the event. You’re actually training to get in shape to do the run or walk. In the end, everyone benefits.

3) Workout at the Office

Don’t discount the fact that you CAN get fit at work. It just takes a little planning and organization. Here are a couple things you can do:

  • Run the stairs during lunch. Going up and down a couple flights of stairs will get your heart pumping and fat burning.
  • While you’re at your desk perform chair squats. 20 chair squats every hour will do the trick. Remember to take your shoes off if you’re wearing heels.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator EVERY chance you get.
  • Walk to your colleague’s desk instead of Skyping, sending an email or leaving a voicemail.
  • The next time you have a long, boring conference call stand up and walk around during the entire meeting.
4) Get Your Home Equipped

I love nothing more than to roll out of bed and head into my home gym. You can do the same and you don’t have to break the bank doing it. All you really need are a couple key pieces of equipment and you’re good to go.

  • Treadmill: 20 minutes a day on a treadmill will make a huge difference to your fitness
  • Jump Rope: It doesn’t take up any space and offers a heck of a cardio workout
  • Medicine Ball: This is the perfect tool to provide you with an endless number of resistance and agility exercises
  • Stretchy Band: Another piece of resistance training equipment that’s easy to use and put away
5) Try an Un-Gym

If going to a traditional “meat market” or “fitness club” really isn’t your idea of fitness fun, why not try what I call an Un-Gym? By that I mean a place that helps you achieve your fitness goals without that “gymmy” feel. Believe it or not, you have options here also.

  • CrossFit: Definitely NOT your typical gym. Most of them aren’t even called gyms, they refer to themselves as “Boxes.” You won’t find any machines here; actually, YOU are the machine.
  • Pilates or Yoga Studio: Ready to get your core strong and increase flexibility? These studios will help you do just that!
  • Zumba: Like to dance while you sweat off the fat? Good! This is exactly what you need—loads of fun. So much so you won’t even know you’re working out.
As you can see, you don’t have to go to the gym to stay fit, you have options, lots of them actually. Now its your turn to choose one or a couple and get fit, your way.

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